About Us

Ngenuity Worx values innovation, partnership, and excellence.


About Ngenuity Worx

Our Focus is Tecnology Strategy & Planning

Ngenuity Worx is a technology company that values diversity, inclusion, partnership, innovation, customer service, and delivery. Our specialty is in building partnerships and helping companies meet their business objectives via the use of technology.

We offer a wide variety of specialized solutions to help organizations realize their strategic goals and tactical objectives. CEO and Founder Stacey Bowling brings over 35 years of experience building and driving technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

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Our Services Include

Every client gets a custom-designed solution according to their objectives, budget, and timeline. Stop just buying or building software. Let Ngenuity Worx design you a solution.

Technology Assessment

Current state review of systems, data & processes, deficiencies, and recommendations.

IT Consulting

Multiple services including system requirements, data governance & conversions, and software quality assurance.

Management Consulting

Multiple services including strategic planning, project management, market research, and competitive intelligence.

Bringing Women, Minorities and Technology Together

Connect with other professionals and expand your technology career opportunities!